Forklift Testing and Thorough Examination

The law says every forklift truck needs a regular thorough examination. Most companies have forklift testing and inspection carried out by their forklift dealer or insurance company but 9 out of 10 managers are wrong about what thorough examination covers – it isn’t just a LOLER inspection, it’s more than that.

The CFTS Thorough Examination is a standard promoted nationally by the leading forklift trade bodies and recommended by the HSC. It really is a thorough Forklift MOT, covering everything thing the FLT LOLER inspection does and the rest of the truck too. It includes a drive test for steering and brakes. Jacking it up to get a better look and taking some panels off if needs be. CFTS covers over a dozen crucial safety checks most LOLER inspections miss, so you know you’re covered both for LOLER and for PUWER, and that your truck really is safe. Checking a truck properly takes time, usually an hour or more so if your inspection takes less than say 45 minutes you need to be asking some pretty serious questions. It’s no good doing things by half, you’ll probably leave yourself exposed.

The Fork Lift MOT – Who needs one?

If you operate a fork lift truck, you have a legal obligation to ensure that it holds a valid Report of Thorough Examination. This applies whether you own, lease or hire the truck – you are required to arrange a forklift inspection (Thorough Examination) at least every 12 months. Depending on the type of forklift and how it’s used, you may need a Thorough Exam more frequently. Try this free online checking tool from CFTS which will provide a guide to the frequency of inspection for your FLT.

Failing to comply can have serious consequences for you and your business: you could be prosecuted, your insurance could be invalidated, or worst of all, you could be responsible for a serious accident due to unsafe equipment. Don’t let this happen to you, arrange your FLT MOT now!

Fork Lift Thorough Examination

Morrison Fork Truck Services is the only CFTS accredited examiner for Forklift Thorough Examination in Derbyshire. Contact us today for more information or to book a Thorough Examination.

Here is a useful and entertaining video from the CFTS
“Why should I have a thorough examination?”

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