Morrisons and Carbon Trust Loans

The Carbon Trust is a government backed organisation whose aim is the reduction of the carbon footprint of large and small businesses. As a forklift truck supplier, authorised by the Carbon Trust to promote Energy-Efficiency Loans, Morrisons can help their customers to apply for an interest free loan to upgrade their equipment and benefit from long term savings.

Morrisons will assist in evaluating the potential carbon saving which is the basis for the loan and will support you throughout the application process.

Carbon Trust Logo

Energy Efficiency Loans from the Carbon Trust are a cost effective way to replace or upgrade your existing equipment with a

more energy efficient version. This means an immediate benefit from carbon, energy and cost savings. Morrison Fork Truck Services can provide details of Carbon Trust interest-free loans and assist you in completing your application.

To find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your business and the environment call 01335 300633 or Contact us